MegapiXels Foto Club - STC
Photo Club @ STC



 The Megapixels Foto Club of STC aims to promote among its members the art of photography through workshops, lectures, photo competitions and exhibits.

 Vision Statement

The Megapixels Foto Club of STC aims to promote collaboration, interaction, friendship and mutual love and care among students through the art of photography. Using photography as a tool, it aims to create awareness and learning opportunity to personal as well as social issues thus working for personal and social wellbeing.

Mission Statement

To fulfil its vision, the Megapixels Foto Club will help its members, to learn about the fundamentals of photography. This will be realized through workshops, lectures, photo competitions and exhibits. 

The objectives of the club

 To  maximize the knowledge about photography and develop it to a good hobby and or become a amateur photographer

To Provide an opportunity to learn new things concerning photography without having to spend more money so as to training and seminars

  To provide a platform to build relationships, have new friends and not just acquaintances. Since most of the club members have the same interest in photography, they can easily feel good with each other, and have lots of things to talk about, thus, easily forming a good bond among them. 


World Photography Day is all about celebrating photography and remembering how special a photograph can be.